Banana Collection

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Important Note: Alex, the monkey appearing in the preview photos of the collection below, was not hired for the shoot. He belongs to a personal friend of Lora's who rescued him from a bad place (he was born in captivity) and he now lives as a part of their family. Respect for animals is of the utmost importance to all of us, we would never promote or participate in the hiring of live animals as props for photo shoots.



  • Анютка

    Никак не могу понять , можно ли это купить и как можно это купить… помогите мне. Но одежда ооочень красивая , я в восторге!

  • Heba

    I’m unable to order or find the prices. Please fix this. :(

  • Tiziana

    How can I order.. ??

  • Shannon

    So beautiful. How do I order and how much.

  • David Barenskie

    Awesome can’t wait to get the red haired monkey t-shirt

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