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We believe in quality products, manufactured in fair working conditions, with minimum waste and environmental impact.

Each HEROTIME Collection is manufactured to exactly match the number of orders placed during the time-limited release. That means waste in the form of excess inventory is eliminated, it also means that by the time you start getting compliments on your new HEROTIME purchase, the collection has expired and the items are no longer available.

We keep our friends close, and our manufacturing partners closer.

All HEROTIME items are made in Toronto, Canada less than 15 minutes from our office. Working with a local manufacturer means we don't waste time or consume energy transporting goods from other parts of the world before they make their way to you. It also means we can keep a close eye on each collection, from the initial development and design process to the final production run to be sure it's perfect.

Happy workplace, happy products.

Our manufacturing facility provides a positive and inspiring work environment. Factory floors are bright and spacious, and our production team enjoy a collaborative and diverse work environment with fair wages. There is even a sweet rooftop terrace with views of downtown Toronto.

Ultra Bright Colors, quality materials, and processes that don't break the world we live in.

Each HEROTIME item is created using a water-free dying process which significantly reduces the environmental impact of textile printing by using direct to garment digital printing, and sublimation printing. The results are ultra vibrant designs that will never crack, peel or fade. The materials we use in each collection strike a balance between quality, comfort, and of course bright and vibrant color reproduction of the artwork they are based on.

Questions? Want to know more?

If you'd like to know more about our manufacturing or have any questions let us know here.